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Title Description
Ace of Aces Qualifying

 Ace of Aces Qualifying, stroke play for paid Aces participants.  There will be one gross and one net qualifier for each qualifying play day.  No pickups, all strokes counted from tee to holed out

Ace of Aces Tournament

After all qualifying rounds are played, the Gross and Net qualifiers will play one 18-hole round of stroke play.  The player with the lowest Gross score and player with the lowest Net score will be the winners of this event. 

Against All Odds

 Total NET of all odd numbered holes wins the game. (1,3,5,7,9,11,13,15,17)

Arizona Shuffle


Par-3 holes, one low ball counts as the team score;
Par-4 holes, two low balls are combined for the team score;
Par-5 holes; three low balls are combined for the team scores. 
Awesome Threesome

 Each player selects their  best three (net) pars 3 holes, best three par 4 hole; best three par 5 holes. 

Barb's Surprise!

Will be revealed on play day

Battle of the Sex Charity Tournament

 This is strictly a charity tournament to raise money for a local tournament.  There will be two teams, a men's team and a women's team net score.  Even through a foursome may consist of two men and two ladies they are NOT a team. It is a best net ball for a two "man" team.  After the scorecards are turned in, the nine lowest team scores will be totaled one for the men's team and one for the ladies team.  The team with the total lowest score will be deemed the winner of the "Battle Of The Sexes".

Beat The Pro

A Pro will play with us and members will attempt to beat the Pro using their handicap.

Best Ball

Best ball can be played using 2-, 3- or 4-person teams. Each player on the team plays his or her own golf ball throughout the round, and on each hole the low score - or "best ball" - of the group serves as the team score. For example: On the first hole, Player A gets a 5, B gets a 4, C gets a 6, D gets a 6, so the team score for that hole is 4, because the low score of the group was B's 4.

Bingo, Bango, Bongo

1 point - Bingo to player(s) whose tee shots lands on fairway
1 point - Bango to player whose ball is closest to the hole once everyone gets on the green
1 point - Bongo to player(s) who 1 putt

Player with most points win.

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